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How Your Perfect Playlist Is Made

So you've figured out what songs you'll have during your ceremony - the seating of the family, bridal party processional, bridal entrance, recessional, maybe a unity candle lighting somewhere in there - but do you ever wonder how we come up with the rest of your wedding day music? Like the prelude songs we play as people are getting seated, and the cocktail hour songs?

It's important to us that your wedding day be as worry and hassle-free as a wedding can possibly be, because you've got other things to worry about. Like, does the maid of honor have the flower bouquet? Where did Uncle Jeff go? Who's in charge of the rings?

Our job as musicians goes beyond just showing up on your wedding day and performing - it's important that we get the details right, and walk alongside you during the process. That's why we carefully curate your perfect playlist based on a few factors. We want to build a relationship with the both of you, and part of relationship-building is getting to know each other - so we start there!

And, like most things, there's no magic formula, but it is a bit of a science... kind of like love, right?

Here's how it works:

  1. First, you and your fiancé fill out our Song Survey. This lets us know your tastes and styles in music, so we can get a feel for you as a couple and the energy you're hoping to bring to your wedding day.

  2. Then, once decided on, you send us your 4-5 ceremony songs (these decisions can't be rushed - so take your time deciding on these. As long as we have them at least two months before your wedding day, you're good). If you're not quite sure and need a little song inspo, we have a handy repertoire page with some of our most requested songs. However, if you don't see your favorite song - don't fret! We are always taking new requests, and will be sure to include the songs you want to feature.

  3. Next, we take cues from your song survey answers and ceremony song selections to inform how we'll create your unique playlist. Let's say you love Country music, and that's evident by your answers. We will be sure to have lots of sweet, twangy ballads and foot stompin' classics in your playlist. Or, maybe you would love a mix of jazz standards and pop icons for your cocktail hour to up the classy factor while keeping it lively - as long as we have an idea of the direction you're heading with you're wedding, we will be able to create your perfect playlist.

  4. Finally, once you've done your homework and given us some basic info, it's time for us to do ours. We take what you've told us about the atmosphere you're looking to create on your wedding day, plus what we know about who you are as a couple (or, your "couple personality"), and combine that with your survey answers and ceremony song choices to generate your perfect playlist.

So, it really all comes down to those four elements:

Desired Atmosphere + Couple Personality + Survey Answers + Ceremony Song Choices = Your Personalized Wedding Day Playlist

And when we get your playlist right, boy does it make all the difference! Your guests will instantly feel delighted when they walk into the ceremony and hear songs they recognize being played on beautiful strings. And you will get to enjoy soaking in this special, once-in-a-lifetime moment when you hear the songs that are most meaningful to you and your person, as you look into each other's eyes and make that sacred commitment.

So, hopefully now you have a better understanding of how important it is for us to help create sweet, meaningful moments on your wedding day, because those are the moments that will turn into lasting memories.


Modern Mozarts

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