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Everything You Need to Know About LIVE Music on Your Wedding Day

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Here we’re breaking down all of the must-knows about booking live music for your event, so you’ll only be left with good surprises on your big day!

Here’s what you might want to know about including live music before your wedding day:

1. Adaptability

The moments in your ceremony are truly special, and the last thing you probably want is for things to feel clunky because of less-than-smooth transitions in recordings. Musicians who have experience can read each moment to adjust to your timing and the transition in real time without missing a beat!

2. Atmosphere

Your wedding doesn’t happen everyday, and neither does live music. Live music is always one-of-a-kind and immediately communicates the classiness of an event and the specialness of the occasion.

3. No technical difficulties

No-one likes awkward silence! Especially during a ceremony. Creating the atmosphere for your day with sound that doesn’t rely on a power outlet definitely gives yourself that extra peace of mind.

4. Shelter

Musicians are pretty easy going but sometimes instruments are not! Make sure you chat with your musicians to see if they need any sun/weather protection to protect their instruments and perform at their best!

5. New Music

Most musicians love to learn new music, but finding/arranging learning new music can take a team months to prepare! Make sure you chat with your musicians to see what their policy is on learning new music and how much time the need to prepare.

Bottom Line:

If having a unique live music experience is important to you on your wedding day, then chatting with musicians to see how they can fit your vision is an important step! If you’re looking for more wedding planning inspiration and music insight, jump on our Facebook group or book a call to speak with one of our wedding music experts and we’d be happy to share with you everything you need to plan your day. :)

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