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Married Couple

Time to gear up for some amazing things coming your way!

Yay, You're In!

Thank you for entering to win a Free String Trio Cocktail Hour Experience! 


You can stay tuned for the Winner Announcements by joining Tennessee Brides and Grooms in our VIP  Wedding Planning Community!

Hi, we're Modern Mozarts

We're a group of three friends who were brought together by a shared love of music. We have been creating memorable wedding music together ever since! Thank you so much for signing up to win a FREE wedding trio experience for your cocktail hour!

Be sure to join our Facebook group here for the contest winner announcement!

Here are the exciting things you have to look forward to...

Smiling Bride and Groom

Planning Tips!

Couples who know us and have worked with us know how passionate we are about making every step of their process as smooth and stress-free as possible (and YES, that is possible even when planning a wedding!).  


So, for the next three days, we will be sending you some great insights and nuggets to your inbox with some music planning inspiration and our favorite tips and tricks so you aren’t stuck with ‘typical music’ or having to do as much overwhelming research on your own.

Speak soon! :)

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